Third Eye And Clairvoyance


The third eye is not an endocrine gland, although it is related with the Pineal and Pituitary glands. It is an organ that arises with the spiritual development of the integrated personality, in fact it is derived from the overlapping and interrelation of the three superior chakras.

The third eye, named also the ethereal vision’s eye, symbolized in the body of the unicorn (its body represents the astral body), it is sometimes activated by the delirium tremens of the alcoholics, allowing them to see the beings of the low astral plane, and it is usually also activated in children smaller than 7 years, that sometimes speak of goblins and fairies.

The third eye, in order to be able to work and produce clairvoyance, needs the three superior chakras energized with a spiritual energy of triple nature that flows to the aura from the human soul; and these energy come from three spiritual planes named Atma, Buddhi and Manas, and it energizes the Pineal, Pituitary and Tiroide glands.


To open the third eye is something complicated, because the components of the third eye are the same materials with which we should look for it.

This vortex of positive energy produces at the same time the entrance and the exit of energy, and to be able to activate it, it is necessary to carry out five simultaneous processes:

a change in the personality
to build the Antakarana
to direct all the energy toward the three superior chakras
to re-build the aura
to get more and more involved in the spiritual growth, at the same time that the third eye is developed

The personality is composed of the three vehicles that integrate it and they are: the mental body, the astral body and the physical body; while the soul is composed of the atmic body , the manasic body and the budic body.

The secret of the third eye consists on knowing how to attract toward the aura, elements taken from Atma, Buddhi and Manas to form the Antakarana, that will communicate it with Atma, Buddhi and Manas, because the Antakarana and the third eye have the same compound. And it is achieved through the meditation, and the service to the humanity.

When the heart chakra is activated, it projects energy toward the brow that is where the third eye is. To develop the heart chakra, you can meditate on Christ’s teachings, Buda, Krishna, Sai Baba or who your Teacher and Superior Being is.

To increase and to maintain this energy flow, you must learn to practice the soul qualities, because time that you manifest Atma, Buddhi or Manas in your daily life, materials from those planes are integrated into your ethereal cover.

All eye needs a lens to be able to define the images, the third eye also, reason why in the aura in front of the forehead, a lens should be formed, and for this reason we know that the employment of glass balls, provides a focal point for the accumulation of materials in the aura, that favors the psychic vision.


It is very difficult to talk about the clairvoyance phenomenon, without talking about the astral plane, because to this plane it belongs.

As well as it is very difficult to explain the astral plane without talking about reincarnation.

The astral plane includes all the planes above the physique and below the spiritual one. Where a plane is rather a state of conscience than a place, and different states of conscience can reside in the same place.

In the astral plane it is where you will find the astral bodies of those who have developed the art of the astral trip.

Just as it happens in the earth, all the astral planes have spiritual protectors that come from higher planes, that are devote souls that prefer to spend their time helping others, instead of enjoying their deserved rest.

After the physical death, each soul awakes in a plane corresponding to the nature of its noblest yearnings, surrounded of similar souls. And from there it can be developed taking steps ahead of its last incarnation.

Although as it happens in the earth, many succumb to the rude enjoyments of the lower astral planes, in which case their soul doesn’t benefit of the demurrage in the astral plane, and it reborns in the same state from where it left.

The inferior astral planes, are full with rude ignorant and bestial souls, that live almost like in the earth, until they end up yearning something superior, that they will achieve in a new reborn.

These souls are those that are nearer to the physical plane, and struggle to be as close as they can, often ending up crowding around the places that they used to visit when alive, and very often taking control of the thoughts of people of their own low kind, to which they infuse desires that they enjoy through them.

Except for the very superior souls that consciously understand all this, the other ones are less aware of the inferior planes, and in total ignorance of the superior planes, and of the meaning of their existence, ending up believing (just as it happens in the earth) that theirs is the true reality.

As the clairvoyance is an ability that it is developed, it can be present in different individuals with different degrees of power, and in any clairvoyant we can distinguish three kinds of clairvoyance:

The simple clairvoyance

The clairvoyance in the space

The clairvoyance in the time


It is that in which the clairvoyant perceives the aura of other people, or the ability of perceiving astral impressions from a near point.

Here the seer perceives only the mental and emotional vibrations of other people, but can´t see events of any other type, although it is able to perceive vegetables and animal’s aura, their desires and emotions.

Who possesses the simple clairvoyance can literally see through people and the walls, can read the closed letters, can discover minerals in the earth, and perceive the aura of those who contact him, being able to discover in the ethereal double, the nature and localization of their illnesses, in the astral body their feelings and desires, and in the mental body their thoughts.


It consists on the vision of distant things, located outside of the ordinary vision reach.

A strange form of clairvoyance in the space, is that in which a person becomes present to another awakening his astral senses, so that he can see the first one in ghastly form as if he where present.

The expert clairvoyants always assume a meditative state with deep cerebral frequencies, so that their astral senses work more efficiently, since when the physical abilities are stimulated, the other abilities cannot show.


It can be divided in two:

The clairvoyance of the past

The clairvoyance of the future


It is also known as retro cognition, and it is a frequent ability in the advanced clairvoyants, and also shared by many ordinary psychics that don’t realize the power that they have.

Of course that it is not possible to perceive something that has stopped to exist, but nothing that happens stops to exits, but shifts to a different kind of existence.

The clairvoyance of the past is possible because nothing perishes, and in the higher planes there are records of all the scenes and thoughts that have happened. These akashic registrations are not in the astral plane, but in the causal plane.

The akashic registrations are the equivalent of what the christians know as The Book of Life, in which all the events corresponding to the present cycle of human evolution, are indelibly engraved.


To this class belong all the prophecy cases. The sacred history is filled with these examples that don’t have anything supernatural.

In some cases of supposed clairvoyance of the future, what really happens is that the clairvoyant´s subconscious infers which events can happen, if accidental circumstances don’t interfere. (I must highlight that a clairvoyant has easier access to the subconscious than common people).

The premonitions or hunches, are then rudimentary forms of clairvoyance of the future.

It should be kept in mind that each event to happen in the future, it is a consequence of others that took place in the past, and that´s why they must happen, unless new events interfere and determine new results.

When you are able to take your conscience to higher planes, from there it is much simpler to see the consequences of the actions of the present. To the point of being able to see the effect that a single word will produce, not only over the person toward which goes directed, but also over other people by means of the vibrations, influencing the whole community.

To be able to consider that superior forms of clairvoyance exist, we should be able to accept that the idea of time is only a social convention, and that the events are always present, being us who arrive to them, and not them who reach us. In the same way that a landscape is always in the same place, while the train traveler thinks that it moves.

The clairvoyance of the future can show within meditation states, psychomety or hialoscopy, and it is developed with practice, when it prevails in you the intention of becoming a beneficial element for the world.

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Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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