The Truth About The New Age – Part 2

The advance of the New Age, the characteristics of the New Age and what it is not the New Age

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A note appeared in 1986 in the New York Times said that the New Age has already influenced everything: the art, the health, the education, the science, the entertainment and even the religion

There are no doubts that there are many people deeply religious that have modified their beliefs, adopting the ideas that are usually associated with the new era.

Perhaps could be necessary to wonder if this is correct or incorrect. I believe that what is incorrect is to adopt ideas not accepted by each one´s religion, and present them as acceptable, and what it is correct is that each one can think what he wants to believe, and have the sincerity of accepting in what he cannot believe any more.

I believe that the christians should be able to accept that the current culture is not the same one as 2000 years ago. Ways of living and practices that now are seen as good, and even officially accepted by the ecclesiastical hierarchy, would have being widely condemned in passed centuries. And fundamentally I believe that the christians should be able to accept that there are many people and beliefs worth of the biggest respect, even when they are not christian.

This doesn’t mean to give up what each one values as true, but to have the tolerance and the mental width, as to accept that not everybody thinks same, and not for it they are inferior or demon partners.

Today we can even see that exists something that it is called the New Age music.

But, Does it exist a New Age’s music?

If it doesn’t exist a center or church, it can’t be a music that officially represents the New Era. All that exist is new music, instrumental or electronic music, sometimes mixed with sounds of nature, that is generally used to produce relaxation, and that most of the times lack a letter that could correctly associate it with the New Age’s ideas.

Most of the times some music is recognized as music of the New Age, because authors of such a music say so in the cover, giving this space to all kinds of musical artistic manifestations.

Are the drugs an exponent of these age?

No, absolutely not!

Because some of the sixty’s movements like those of the hippies have taken to popularize the consumption of drugs, it doesn’t mean that the consumption of drugs should be associated with the New Age.

There is a tendency to consider all the new, the different and the transgressor as part of the New Age. The hippies certainly represented a different new and transgressor movement, but the electronic is also new, the space science and the atomic energy are new, and not for that they belong to what it is known as the New Age.

But the movement goes further on than to listen music with sounds of nature, or to get dressed with extravagant clothes, because it is much more a movement arisen as a spiritual restlessness than a social fashion.

There have always existed people that consumed drugs to produce conscience altered states, as the anthropology tells us, but that is not enough to say that they belong to the New Age.

Religious Tolerance: as I already said before, this is not a religion, it doesn’t try to impose any religion and it accepts the religions diversity like something natural and respectable.

For this movement it is so respectable the native with their pagan rites, as the Buddhist, the Muslim, the Jew or the Christian. The most important thing is that people believe that God exists, then they can worship Him in the way that their own religion tells them to do it.

Search of the harmony: In the mental and emotional plane, the harmony is manifested as peace, and in the physical plane it manifests as the health.

We cannot affirm that this is the only movement that looks for the health, but the way in which it is looked for, is like a resultant of the emotional and psychic balance, joined with the use of traditional and not traditional medicines.

Bigger respect for the ecology: This movement respects all the forms of life, making people take conscience of the wise balance that exists in the nature, and about the danger of destroying it allowing the men voracity.

Search for the sense of the existence: The renovation rejects the idea that the man has come to this planet to become rich and famous, while it promotes the search of a spiritual restlessness that may give more transcendence to the mere existence.

Most traditional religions also share this idea. So, if this idea already existed before, what is the sense of its new appearance on this era?

We are probably facing a moment in which the humanity has decided to begin to take off its mask, and the Era has arisen as a reaction, against a society that has failed in providing an ethical and spiritual guide, and that lives pretending to have spiritual values but acts as if it hasn’t.

Multiple conceptions of the idea of God: As it is not a religion, the New Age accepts as valid multiple focus on this topic:

* Monism: It sustains that all that exists comes from an only source of divine energy
* Pantheism: It sustains that all that exists is God, and therefore God is in all its creation and inside each human being
* Panentheism: God is all that exists and the universe was created by Him, but God is more than its creation, that is to say that God transcends the universe.
* An universal religion: This idea is a consequence of the previous one: If all that exists is God, then all the religions are only different steps toward an only destination. The road that each man follows is the one that its knowledge, its culture, its religion indicates him. And they are all respectable since they all lead to the same Father, and eventually there will be one day in which all will look for Him in the same way, when the only religion that will exist will be the religion of love.
* Reincarnation and Karma: Our life is a succession of existences caused by the desire and the karma (the consequence of our acts). At the end of each existence the accumulated karma is who determines the kind of life that we will have in the next existence.
* The golden age: as the Aquarius Era advances, a golden Age will arise for the humanity, where the wars, the hunger and the lack of charity will disappear, and the love will reign among the human beings.

The Golden Age or Aquarius Era, is related with the movement of the planet earth through the Zodiac signs, which happens approximately every 2000 years. It doesn’t exist agreement on the exact moment in which this new era has begun, but it is usually placed between 1960 and the year 2000.

The changes to happen in this Golden Era, will be increasing as we go into the era. Each one can believe or not in this idea, but there are no doubts that a social revolution has started concerning the spiritual restlessness since the middle of the twentieth century.

* Aura and energy: All that exists is energy, and a special form of energy is the radiant energy of the body called Aura. This energy is invisible for most of people although it can be captured by the Kirlian pictures. The state of the Aura is representative of the mental, spiritual and physic’s health.

* Personal growth: The possibility of an inner growth exists if you learn how to enter in special mental states as those that are achieved with the meditation, the hypnosis and the guided imagination. The use of drugs also produces special mental states, but it should be discarded because it´s an unnatural method.

The inner growth takes to the encounter with the itself, the illumination, the encounter with God and possibly to the development of special powers as the clairvoyance and the healing power.

Some fundamentalist groups, voluntarily or for lack of the appropriate knowledge, have generated great confusion about what is and it is not the New Age.

Some have identified the Sufism like a cult of the New Era, while it is a mystic movement that arose inside the Islam and that it doesn’t possess any connection with the New Age.

There are those who believe that there is some kind of organization who seeks to infiltrate weaken and destroy the Christendom, when in fact it doesn’t exist any organization that can claim the representativeness of the New Age

Other more extreme consider that the New Age is a Satan’s cult and way of communication with wicked spirits, and they are unable to distinguish between the Occultism, the Satanism, the Neo Pagan religions and the New Age movement, that are absolutely unconnected things.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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