The truth about the New Age – Part 1



The movement of the New Age is a free and flourishing social, and spiritual movement, and not necessarily a religion like some indicate, since it doesn’t possess a sacred book, or unique beliefs, neither a central organization that represents it.

In fact we can only find groups of followers that share certain practices that they add to the practices of the formal religion to which they belong.

In times of big social changes as those that have existed in the twentieth century, people are naturally overturned toward the search of spiritual experiences, and this is what has favored the appearance of this movement.

In all the times the man has looked for those things that allowed him to feel security and tranquility about his existence, the desire of knowing who we are and toward we go, has always existed, and this has given origin to all kinds of thought schools, each one with its own vision of the topic.

In their being’s bottom all men dream with a happy world where the inequalities, the injustice and the war don’t exist. And many feel spiritually hungry, because they can’t find the answers that they are looking for in the traditional religions, neither in the technological advances or the supposed well-being state that the science offers to us, and that’s why they start believing in the New Age’s believes.

As a central headquarters that represents it, do not exist, this movement is identified with all kinds of restlessness about the inner growth, among which join disordered and arbitrarily the oriental religions, the psychology, the esoterism, the spiritism, the alternative therapies etc.

Some associate all this for simple ignorance, while other do it with clear premeditation, with the idea of highlighting de advantages of the ideas that they profess.

In my opinion this movement represents the search of the inner world and the rediscovery of the human being higher values, within a context in which the spiritual things are given more importance than the material thing. And this ideas can be shared by people belonging to all kinds of religions, since the New Age it is not a religion in itself, but a search of the spirituality.

The New Age contains thousands of groups, organizations and sometimes sects that don’t think always in the same way about God and its relationship with men, the life in this world, the death and the life after death. Some of those people are devoted to make proselytism to increase their number, while many other have simply found a new sense for their existence, and they practice their beliefs in silence and anonymity without trying to convince others of their ideas.

And as well as within the big religions of the planet there are sects and minuscule groups that do more damage than good with their extremist ideas, inside the New Age there are also practices and false beliefs that only follow the interest of unscrupulous people, that enrich with the restlessness about the new things and the authentic spiritual motivations, of honest but candid people.


Although its name seems to indicate the opposite, the New Age´s philosophy is not in fact so new but rather has its roots in old traditions and mystic experiences.

Inside what we know as the primitive societies, have always existed men and women possessing superior knowledge, some of which have felt impelled to achieve in some way the contact with the spiritual world to favor the members of their group.

But as the society created more complex social structures, the contact with the spiritual world has being put in the hands of formally organized religions, that have their own answers about everything related with the unknown.

Facing these new social outlines, those that felt endowed with special powers lost their social space, and they devoted themselves to individual practices, looking to create their own pupils and to transmit to them that in which they believed.
These fraternities or occult groups have being pursued many times by the churches and massively accepted religious groups, reason why to carry out their practices they appealed to the mystery schools or other forms of hidden practices, trying to protected themselves against the heresy accusations that in that time (and today) where so frequent.

In spite of the front combat of many religious groups, and the natural decline that different cultural conditions and politics can produce, these magic and spiritual beliefs have persisted through the centuries and arrived to our days, in which we see them taking new and vigorous airs under the name of the New Age, or the Aquarius Era.

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Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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