The Seven Main Chakras Mistery Part III


It has blue sky color, and it is located in the base of the neck.


This chakra controls the throat and the nape, the arms and the hands, and it is associated with the cervical or brachial plexus.

The gland related with this chakra is the thyroid, and it governs the sense of the hearing.

This is a chakra related with the communication and the creativity, the growth, the metabolism and the ambitions.


It facilitates the communication, not only the verbal communication, but the communication of the feelings and all the artistic expressions too.

This chakra is also related with the intuition that guides us toward the abundance. Reason why this is the first level of conscience by means of which we can communicate with superior levels of existence.

This chakra governs the creativity that allows us to achieve our objectives in the physical world, and for that reason it is the womb from which the physical reality is manifested.

It is also related with our clear-audience capacity that is another way of indispensable communication to access our inner planes.

This is the chakra that allows us to assume responsibility for our needs, and as we grow, the satisfaction of our own necessities will depend more and more from ourselves.


It allows us to assume the commitment of being in charge of ourselves and to stop accusing the other ones for our lacks.

The creativity that will allow us to get what we want takes us to achieve the necessary symtony with those that we need for the achievement of our objectives.

As this center is developed the individual learns how to understand the world through the vibrations, the time and the space.


The individual lacks the capacity to take what it is given to him, because he only expects to receive negative things from the hostile world that he believes exist, and as he has such negative ideas in his mind, it attracts toward himself the negative energy, confirming this way his expectations.

As the appropriate communication with the other ones does not exist, he cannot deploy his creativity neither modify the reality as he wants.


The Ajna chakra or chakra of the intellect, has an indigo color (midnight blue) and it is located in the forehead between the eyes. That´s why it is also known as the third eye chakra or the clairvoyance chakra


It is related with the physical vision and it opens us the understanding by means of the clear-sighted perception and the clear-touch (internal sense of the tact).

It is also related with the pituitary gland, the endocrine system, the carotid plexus, the forehead and the parietal bones.


It is associated with the spiritual state, with the spiritual perspective, and with the contact with our true internal being. It is the level of the conscience from which we truly control our life.

It is a chakra that allows us to see the physical world as the varied manifestation of the Absolute One.

And it allows to have conscience of the inner sound (which is not related with sounds in the physical plane), fact that sometimes causes that the western doctors consider it as a pathological state.


The understanding capacity is clear, as well as the creative capacity and the will to put to work the creative ideas.

When it is open the person not only can be creative, but can carry out what he creates assuming the responsibility for what he has created, and accepting the inconveniences that arise when he brings into the physical reality plane what he has created mentally.


The mental processes are confused and the ideas are negative and far from the reality.

The reduced flow of energy from this chakra blocks the creativity.

The executive will is blocked to put into the physical plane the ideas, and they only derive frustration. It is also possible that disheveled ideas might be tried , because the basic concepts don’t fit with the reality.

This seventh chakra well-known as “the thousand petals lotus”, is related with the spirituality, its color is violet and it is located on crown of the head.

It is the illumination and the contact with the universal conscience chakra, the chakra of the “I am.”

It is the connection with the spiritual world beyond the time and the space. And it is related with our integration with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes


It controls the nervous system and it is associated with the brain and the pineal gland


As well as the root chakra provides us the connection with the mother earth, this chakra connects us with our father in heaven because this is the level of the soul.

It also represents our connection with our biological father and our relationship with the authority.

From this chakra one sees himself as the Universal Creative Conscience, connected with everything like a projection of oneself. It represents the top of the human evolution.


The person is able to really experience his spirituality indeed, he lives in a state of transcendence of the mundane reality, that grants him a sensation of fullness.

It also provides an empathy feeling that allows us to experience the experiences of the other ones as own.


The person doesn’t have conscience of the spiritual world, and he doesn’t understand those that speak or are interested in these topics.

It has the sensation of being separated from his own father, and that causes isolation and solitude, and difficulty to relate with those that surround us.


The root chakra is activated by means of the control of the sexual activity.

The second controlling the emotions

The third cultivating the humility

The fourth developing the trust in itself

The fifth with the disinterested service to the other ones

The sixth applying a firm will in the acting of our dharma (what we should do every day) and in the accomplishing of our goals

The seventh is the culmination of our spiritual growth process and it is spontaneously developed when we have developed the previous six.

In fact it is possible to activate the chakras by means of a wide variety of breathing exercises, meditations, visualizations, the will control and yoga postures. That´s why to help you I have created the Energetización de Chakras exercise

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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