The Seven Main Chakras Mistery Part II


Its color is orange and it is located in the abdomen to the height of the sexual organs.

It is related with the emotions and the sexuality, reason why it governs the way in which we connect ourselves with the other ones, the feelings, desires, sensations, movements and capacity to give and to receive love and pleasure in couple’s relationship.

It is a chakra of intense energy that when it is very activated it causes the desire, but when that desire is satisfied the energy decays. From here comes the old habit of maintaining vestal virgins in the temples, since the fact of staying virgin granted them great conscience power.

This is also the chakra that connects us with our internal source of inspiration, creativity, attention and concentration power, so much that when a person thinks too much, it drains this chakra´s energy to the point of causing illnesses.


It is related with the gonad glands, the lumbar plexus, the womb, the genital and the quantity of a person’s sexual energy.

Also with the language, the sense of the pleasure and the appetite, the reproduction and the assimilation.


It is oriented toward the self gratification because it is related with the conscience parts concerning the sex and the food.

It also has to do with what the body requests because it finds pleasant. The capability of having children is also associated to this chakra.

On the other hand it is related with the individual’s capacity to feel his emotions.


The person feels the desire and the sexual power, he can give and receive sexual pleasure, and have orgasms.

The sexual orgasm revitalizes the body, and it clears the blocked energy produced by the stress, does it is important for the physical well-being.

And the sexual orgasm is necessary until the the total orgasm capacity is achieved, which takes place with the union of the physique and spiritual aspects of people, that is achieved by means of the practice of the kundalini yoga and the tantric yoga, reason why it is not accessible for most of the human beings.

Once this chakra is activated, it becomes possible to remember past lives.


In the woman it produces the inability to reach the orgasm, they can´t enjoy the penetration, and develop a bigger inclination to the clitoris stimulation.

While if the blockade of the front aspect is suffered by a male, this produces precocious ejaculation, and impotence. And in both it produces the absence of the pleasant experience of the protection instinct.

It is necessary to highlight that a person that suffers of blockades in this chakra, not necessarily stops to have sexual relationships, on the contrary he can immerse himself into the seek of sexual relationships, unable to archive the deep involvement that is given in a sexual act accompanied by love.


Its color is yellow and it is located to the height of the solar plexus.


It is related with the pancreas, the skin, the solar plexus, the muscular system, the stomach, the intestine, the kidneys, the eyes and the sense of the view.

Also with the capacity to maintain healthy, the attitude toward the own physical health and the healing capacity (reason why it is specially developed in some healers)

It is the chakra of the temperament and the passions.


It is related with the personality or ego, the sensibility in front of the power, the control, the freedom and the capacity to be freely who you are.

It provides the intimate feeling of being able to, it makes us feel connected with the source of power, reason why it is indispensable to feel sure of oneself, and to face with trust what we ignore.

The mental activity and the mental body are also related with this chakra.

This chakra also governs our desires, our autonomy and metabolism.

An interesting peculiarity of this chakra, is that as well as a fetus has a cord that links him with his mother, when two people create a relationship among them, cords grow among their respective solar chakras.

The cords will be stronger and more numerous the more strong it is the relationship among people, and they will end up slowly disconnecting if relationship is cut.

The search of the recognition, the longevity and the power are characteristic of this chakra.


The individual has an emotional life free of tensions, since it is able to be accepted itself like he is, and it can also accept the other ones, because he has a strong self-esteem.

The person feels firmly located in the universe, and obtains spiritual wisdom from it, besides he feels love for his body and the desire of maintaining it healthy.

The stimulation of this chakra develops the telepathy and the capacity of carrying out astral trips.


The person will block his feelings since he won’t feel love for himself, neither he will be able to be accepted himself like he is.

The action the power and the vitality, will be weakened or be absent, and the person will try to be unnoticed, he will feel fear and impotent.

The weight excess is also a symptom of problems with this chakra that regulates the metabolism. An imbalance it exists between the ingest and the elimination of surpluses.

This happens because the individual uses his energy to lock within himself, and this energy when not being restored naturally by the chakra, is looks for to be artificially restored, by means of goodies or stimulants, that only provide energy for a moment, feeling worst after.

These people as they are not able to approve themselves, need of the approval of the other ones, and they like to seek for the excitement and activity that can keep them out of contact with themselves.
Its color is emerald green and it is located in the center of the chest, that´s why it is known as the heart chakra


It is related with the heart and the circulatory system, the heart plexus, the lungs and the whole chest´s area.

The gland controlled by this chakra is the timus (that controls the immunologyc system).

It is also related with the sense of the tact and the fears.

A characteristic activity of this chakra is giving hugs, which allows us to feel what it is that the other person feels inside his body, and tells the other what you feel inside our body.

For that reason the sensibility when touching and being touched is a characteristic of this chakra.


Belong to this chakra the feelings of love, friendship, companionship, and relationship.

This chakra is related with the air and for it the person’s relationship with the air reflects his relationship with love. A person that has difficulties to breathe, has tensions in the heart chakra


The more open this chakra is, the smaller it is our ego, because bigger is our love to all forms of life, in a circle that expands more and more.

By means of this chakra we extend connections with the heart chakras of those that we love, and the loving feeling that flows from it, can even make us cry.

We can love others unconditionally, because this is not a love directed toward an object, but rather it flows naturally as a state of being.

This open chakra facilitates us the happy acceptance of oneself and of the other ones, you can feel an absolute peace and harmony with the universe, together with desires of helping, teach and heal others.


The person has difficulty to have an unconditionally love , and he feels that his life and the world´s life in general it lacks purpose.

It cannot build long lasting affective relationships, because he is unable to give up his own ego after a better relationship.

He feels solitude, desolation lack of transcendence and meaning of the life.

It is as if the will of God and other people were opposed to ours, so instead of considering their possible help, you trend to avoid them, utilize them, and even be cruel to them.

This person believes more in force power than in love power.

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