The Seven Main Chakras Mistery Part I

What are the chakras, what are they for and how to activate them

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheal or vortex. The Vedas use this word to denominate the energy centers of the human body


There are many chakras that coincide with the acupuncture points, but generally when someone speaks about “the chakras”, it´s speaking about the seven main primary chakras.


Each one of the chakras is associated with one of the endocrine glands of the dense physical body and they affect the individual’s mental, physical and emotional balance, since each one of the chakras work as regulator of a different kind of energy

These energy regulating valves open up or get closed according with the way in which we perceive the world that surround us, so they are directly related with our spiritual level of evolution, or conscience level.The chakras do not belong to our dense body, but rather they are energetic components, less dense that the body, but denser than the aura, and they interact with the physical body through two main roads:

the endocrine system
the nervous system

Each one of the seven main chakras is associated with an endocrine gland and with a group of nerves denominated plexus, reason why each chakra can be associate with the parts and specific functions of our body that are controlled by this plexus and this gland. At the same time, each chakra possesses several spiritual characteristics that although they are not always manifested in all the individuals, neither can be destroyed. The main function of the chakras consists in:

To develop different conscience aspects To provide and to revitalize the energy of the physical body


Each one of our possible conscience states, and as a matter of fact each one of the things that we can experience, can be divided in seven categories. And each one of this categories can be associated with a particular chakra.

In the base of the spine, there is the root chakra or Mooladhara Chakra, that lodges an energy denominated the Kundalini energy . This energy wakes up and is activated by means of the meditation, and as it wakes up (as it ascends through the spine and activates the different chakras) its qualities begin to show spontaneously in our lives.

That is to say that by means of the chakras energetization we become automatically dynamic, creative and confident, and at the same time it grows our humility, compassion and loving capacity, in a progressive hairspring of spiritual growth and conscience wake up.

Our health depends on our capacity to control the stress, and when we feel tension in some part of our body, we feel it in that part of the body related with the reason why we are feeling stress, because there´s a direct relationship between the stress and our conscience states.

The tension in the chakra related with that part of the body, it is perceived by the nerves of the corresponding plexus and it is transmitted to the parts of the body related with that plexus.

If we keep on having tension for a long time or with great intensity (because we lack relaxation capacity) then the person develops a symptom in this part of the physical body. Our body is in fact as a map of our conscience that reflects with symptoms what we perceive as the reality, and this way a person that cannot walk, is for example, somebody that has not been able to leave a situation in which feels unhappy.

If our chakras work in a normal way, each one of them will be open, rotating in the sense of the needles of the clock, and providing us of a peculiar kind of energy.

While if a chakra rotates counter clock way, then that chakra is blocked or closed to the energy (in fact more than to closed to the energy, it causes the energy affluence in the contrary sense). That is to say that instead of receiving it we project it toward out, and doing so we harm the functioning of our metabolism.

Almost all the people have three or four chakras that rotate in the contrary sense, and as the chakras not only provide us of energy but rather they provide us with information about the world that surrounds us, when we detect the information that we project to the world through that chakra, we achieve a distorted vision of the reality.

This is what the psychology calls ” projection “, believing that the world consists on what we are projecting toward it. And from the mind control point of view, we can say that the world in which each one of us lives, is a creation of our mind.

As I have already said before, hundred of energy points or chakras exist, but there are only 7 main chakras, and they are:

MULADHARA the root chakra or first chakra
SWADHISTHANA the sweetness chakra or second chakra
MANIPURA brilliant gem chakra or third chakra
ANAHATA the heart chakra or fourth chakra
VISHUDA the purification chakra or fifth chakra
AJNA the perception chakra or sixth chakra
SAHASRARA the wisdom chakra or seventh chakra


Its color is red and it is located in the base of the spine (between the anus and the genitals).

It has to do with our physical energy, our will of living in the physical reality, our sense of ownership and the connection with our body, our mother and the physical plane. And it is known as the root chakra or the spirit anchor.

It is the deposit of the Kundalini energy, and its primordial characteristic is the innocence and the pure happiness of a child, that it is manifested when the Kundalini ascends. NOTE: The kundalini is the energy that allows the spiritual awakening and it is represented symbolically by a snake of love wound over itself, that when ascends through the spine, it actives each chakra, and it wakes up the positive qualities of each one of them.

It is related with the cortical adrenalin glands, the smell sense, the limbic system , the bones, the teeth, the prostate, the sacrus plexus, the vesicle, the excretory system, the nose and the legs


It represents the security, the trust, our relationship with the home and the money and the capacity of being here in contact with the here and now. It also allows us to achieve our interior being’s satisfaction.


The individual has a powerful desire to live the physical reality, he has a meaning and purpose for his life, his coccyx is like a bomb that projects energy up through the spine, and he manifests a solid presence and security, that comes from knowing that his feet are over the earth.

It grants a sensation of power that emanates as vital energy even contaminating the ones that surround us.


The person stays unnoticed, it is as if he were invisible and lacking of physical energy.

The individual trends to be feeble, insecure, it lacks energy and it avoids the physical activity.

If the tension increases in this area, you end up feeling fear and even terror or survival threatened.

The physical can catch us with the deceit of being the true reality, but it is also essential for the spiritual development, which you cannot achieve if you are not capable to accept the limitations and necessities that come with a life in the earth.

Continued on The Chakras Part II
Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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