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Stress Management Tip - Tai Chi for Health

by David Tomaselli

Tai Chi is a very ancient Chinese form of martial arts which focuses on the internal energy in the body more commonly referred to by the Chinese as "chi". The aim of Tai Chi is to increase the flow of chi and integrate the mind, body and spirit promoting both mental and physical well-being.

Tai Chi is not just a series of movements but also involves the use of meditation and deep breathing making it particularly useful for reducing stress and anxiety. People who regularly practice Tai Chi have reported a better sense of well being because of its calming and meditative aspects. Due to the nature of the movements, Tai Chi also benefits the entire body increasing muscle strength and enhancing balance and flexibility. Many doctors prescribe Tai Chi as a complementary form of therapy particularly for those that suffer from arthritis, circulation problems, high blood pressure as well as stress.

It is best to learn Tai Chi from an instructor rather than by following a book. If you are unable to locate an instructor, a Tai Chi video is another option. However books and videos are best used as complementary sources of information to supplement what you have learned in a Tai Chi class.

Tai Chi require you to keep your body, mind and breath together while moving in a rhythmical, effortless and in continuous flow. With regular practice, you will learn how to relax the mind and body eliminating any feelings of stress and tension.

David Tomaselli is the creator of the Wholistic Development Exchange. The Wholistic Development Exchange is a web site where you can access frequently updated tips, news and resources on how to reduce stress and manage stress. For the latest tips go to Stress Management Tips and Techniques.




Spiritual Healing, Alternative Medicine & Healthy Living