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What is Reiki?

by Pamir Kiciman

The question is an intellectual one. Our conditioning always looks for quantifiable evidence. Yet given the nature of Reiki and the priorities as well as capabilities of todays science this evidence is scarce. Another type of evidence, however, is emerging and establishing itself. This is the testimony of the human experience, echoed down the ages, which is boldly changing our thinking and being. Fundamental ideas about health and well-being are being transformed as a direct result of the reigning mechanistic model of reality. This model, of which allopathic medicine is one segment, views health as the absence of disease in body and mind; a static state that limits the definition of health. Health is a dynamic state involving our whole being. By missing the forest for the trees, our healthcare system has exacerbated our psychophysical challenges, which are formidable in this increasingly complex and toxic world.

Enter Reiki. A healing system that is humanitys heritage, and has worked in the same way through the ages; the balancing of our individual life force through contact with universal life force. Science has been unable or perhaps unwilling to measure this pervasive energy, but we experience it every moment and everywhere. Every physiological function, all of nature, and even the mind is alive because of the subtle life force. Reiki is a simple treatment that restores homeostasis to the body; equilibrium to the mind; and fulfillment to the soul. It is applied with the hands in a certain sequence, without pressure or manipulation. No special skill or complicated technique is required. The practitioner is attuned by a qualified teacher and so becomes a conduit for universal life force. The recipient draws the needed energy without effort. To be able to enliven all of creation, universal energy has to be intelligent. Since it permeates the body, the body also has innate intelligence, and the cells contain individual life force. When the universal and the individual resonate during a Reiki session, there is a reorganization leading to optimal health on all levels.

It has been shown that stress is related to a majority of health issues. To simplify, let us define physical, mental or spiritual discord as stress. Stress, i.e., an inharmony or malfunction is always reflected at all levels, no matter where it originates. This demonstrates that the parts impact each other and change the whole in some way. It also means that we are not an arbitrary collection of separate components. We are an intentional creation of interwoven coherencies, designed as a seamless being. A coherency is a natural connection or dependence, resulting from the relationship of parts with each other. Our elaborate, seamless system is at all times meticulously interrelated. Reiki will be drawn to the coherency that is communicating a need, and allow information to flow between levels.

A unique feature of Reiki is that it can be easily applied to oneself, making it a resource of self-care. There are no side-effects or contraindications associated with Reiki. It is non-invasive and suitable to every age-group and symptom. Although it is an anomaly to clinical protocols, Reiki provides the missing adjunct to allopathic therapies, and psychological methodologies. It amplifies the homeostatic response of the bodys healing systems. Every touch becomes a healing with Reiki-attuned hands! Mentally, it reinstates proper functioning, ranging from the cognitive to the creative. Spiritually, Reiki accesses the souls intuition, joy and capacity for love. It is also the perfect complement to other natural and holistic therapies. Being expressions of universal energy, our food, water and environment benefit from Reiki. It is as natural to life as breathing and as simple to contact and apply. It deepens meditation. Reiki is a life-enhancer to all, whether you seek help or are a helper. It points to a truly integrative healthcare, and a fuller understanding of all aspects of existence.


Pamir Kiciman is a Reiki Master and Founder of Oasis Reiki Institute. He believes that unless we live symbiotically with Nature, our future will be limited and that we must unburden Nature from the pressure weve put on her. Reiki fosters spiritual evolution, bodily, mental, and emotional health, has uses for water, food, environment, relationships and career, all in a natural and holistic way. To find out more visit: http://www.reikihelp.com



Spiritual Healing, Alternative Medicine & Healthy Living