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The life after death, is the kind of life that we have between our incarnations.

Much has being said about this, as if it where only one kind of life after death for every one, but in fact what happens after each life, is an individual experience and personnel for each one.

Viewing it from the point of view of the regressions therapy, there is something that is desirable to highlight and it is that dedicating part of the time of a regression session to the space between lives, usually produces peace and a pleasure sensation, when the subject can experience the traffic from one life to the other, and the nonexistence of the death for the soul.

The literature that usually exists about the life after death, leans on the testimonies of those individuals that have gone through an experience of past lives therapy, and it should not be taken with any religious connotation, although it presents similarities with common beliefs in Asia.

The space between lives is as an eddy moment, in which conclusions can be obtained about the experiences spent in a previous life just remembered, and this conclusions facilitate the growth and the healing.

Life after death is also the environment where you can experience encounters with dear beings already deceased, and with spiritual teachers, of which one can obtain valuable orientation, that allows us to know the reason of characteristic situations of our present life.

The conclusions that are obtained with the meditation about the life after death, can help us understand the origin of our likes, difficulties, fears, phobias and blockades; reason why this is par excellence a recovery space.

In many lives the spiritual development process is accompanied by deep suffering, and it is in fact the space between lives, when we can heal and make profit form such experiences.


The things that more frequently are experienced in the space between lives are:
Peace sensations

Loss of death fear

Celestial visions

Beautiful landscapes

Wisdom sensation



Encounter with dear beings

Encounter with beings of superior intelligence or spiritual teachers

More wisdom to understand the likes and aversions that we have in this life

More wisdom to understand the after death life experiences lived

Encounter the sense of our existence

Healing experiences

In fact the meditation on the life after death is a fascinating experience, beyond if it is a real experience, a connection with the collective unconscious, or an imaginative situation, that our inner mind wisely creates to help us heal and evolve.

Those who live this experience, usually live it as real and as a pleasant state, where they heal the wounds and the understanding flourishes, and I believe that this is what should be rescued of this experience.


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Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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Spiritual Healing, Alternative Medicine & Healthy Living