During a long time people thought that relaxing was not utilizing the muscles, when in fact that’s only to rest or to sleep, while the relaxation methods that produce a deep relaxation in the muscles, can produce great changes, not only in our muscles, but also in our conscious and knowledge states.

The fact of not moving, does not necessarily indicate that we are relaxed, it could just be that we are having our muscular system in balance. (1)

The reality is that we aren’t conscious of the huge muscular and cerebral effort needed to only maintain the same position.

For example, when a new happening drives us to a tension situation, that prepare us for the fight or escape responses; our muscular system reacts looking for a new muscular balance, in a higher level of tension. And the worst of it is that our body has such an adaptation capability, that after a while we just get used to that new tension level, and stop being aware of it.

Another interesting point to highlight is like Dr. Frederik Alexander said (2)

“The habit affects the functioning”

This means that when an individual develops an excitement and stressing state, even though afterwards he puts himself in a passive situation, that motionless state is only apparent and exterior, because on the inside continues the same agitation state.

This lack of resolution of the residual effects of the stress, through good relaxing methods, is what makes people say that they have intended to relax themselves many times, but have never succeeded, what must be understood not as the impossibility to relax, but as the use of inadequate relaxing methods.

Until 1908 people thought that relaxing was the pleasure state derived from fun, but on that year the physiologist Edmund Jacobson (3) started on Harvard his investigations, and in 1920 concluded that:

Stress is so important that most of the illnesses that we know are produced by stress excess

Jacobson also discovered that there was a big connection between our muscles relaxation and our mental and emotional states; being able to demonstrate the relationship between our imagination and our muscular tension states.

Today we can say that to learn how to control our muscular tension is our biggest defense against the numerous family of the psychosomatic illnesses

It was precisely Jacobson who noticed for the first time, that staying immobile wasn’t a synonym of relaxation, but that we can be tense even in our most immobile states, as the moment when we sleep.

It was also Jacobson the one that could finally establish the connection between the relaxation and the imagination, with experiments like making a subject imaging that he was lifting a weight, and verifying the electric activity explosion that the muscles registered, even though they weren’t used at all.

It is interesting to highlight that even when we already have excellent investigation work about the nervous tension and its effects over the body, we can still hear people say how their stressing states exhaust them, while.:

It is not the stress but the lack of relaxation what exhausts us (4)

Only maintaining our balance between stress and relax through god relaxation methods allow us to rejuvenate our body and mind, to the point of being able to face new stressing stimuli without harmful consequences for our health.

We must understand then that the relaxation does not consist in the absence of activity, but in a state where our body makes a series of activities oriented toward the stress relieve; and so, as it is an activity it is capable of being improved with the practice, as it happens with any other exercise.

Our natural states of relax and balance can be altered by the stressors (exterior stimuli that produce stress) and stress is a synonym of nervous tension, and is the answer of our body to those stimuli.

Reestablishing the inner balance altered by the stress states it is called “The general adaptation Syndrome” (that’s the name that Dr. Hans Selye gave to it) (5) and it consists in three phases:

The alarm phase
The resistance phase
The exhaustion phase

We enter into the alarm phase when we define any exterior stimuli as something negative, dangerous or prejudicial (eve if it isn’t).

The resistance phase is also known as the biological functional adaptation, and it is constituted by all the general and non specific reactions produced by the action of the stressing stimuli, to which the body looks for some kind of adaptation

The exhaustion phase is produced when the body affectivity to overcome the prolonged action of the stressing factors decay.

Dr. Selye says that as a general rule, we go first through the two first phases, and only when they aren’t enough to fix our stress, we enter into the exhaustion phase, that is a time of physique fatigue and individual worstment that if it is prolonged for a long period could produce the death of the individual.

We have said before that men like all the other animals, comes to this world prepared to have to answers to the stress: to fight or to run away, but men as a rational animal has a third option that is to re-define the situation.

Two thousand years ago the philosopher Epícteto stated that:

“The environment is not absolutely responsible for our perturbation, but are our perceptions what cause us the psychological pain”

And it is precisely for it that the human being can protect itself from an aggressive media, not only running away or fighting, but also ignoring or diminishing the importance of the event, re-defining it as not so harmful, or even as positive.

But it is important to highlight that no matter which is the method that we use to face the stress (fighting, running away or redefining the situation) only the relaxation resulting from the use of god relaxations techniques will allow us to get rid of the noxious effects of the stress.

But the relaxation, even when it is our best weapon to fight the noxious effects of the stress, only eliminates its consequences, meaning that it will always be necessary to analyze the situation to see how we can avoid to incur in new stressing situations.


A relaxing exercise can be divided in two phases:

The active relaxation phase
The passive relaxation phase

In the active phase, the participant is devoted to the execution of the elected relaxation method; while in the passive phase, he is asked to be a mere spectator of his own relaxation, leaving the natural innate mechanisms act automatically to take us to the recovery state.

The exercise that I will mention next is exactly divided in such two phases, and it is good for the execution of several objectives:

The relaxation
The increase of the concentration
The develop of the imagination
The self improvement
Problems solving

NOTE: Next we will make a mere enunciation of the steps to achieve a good relaxation. This exercise is part of the series of 42 meditation and motivation topics that I have recorded for you.

Locate yourself comfortably in your favorite posture, take a deep breath, and when exhaling it feel how a relaxing sensation descends through all your body.

Take another deep inspiration, and when exhaling feel as a curtain that lowers in your mind, and it takes you to a deep sensation of mental peace.

Take another deep inspiration and when exhaling it feel how all your being enters at a more deep, and healthier mental level.

Once you have achieved a first state of general relaxation it is necessary to achieve a deeper relaxation, and for that you should think specifically how each one of the parts of your body relaxes, beginning from the head to the feet.

When you have imagined how each one of the parts of your body relaxes, you can achieve a deeper mental level counting slowly back from number 25 to number one.

Breathe slow and deeply.

Make another deep inspiration, as you slowly expel the air, feel how a wave of warm relaxing sensation travels your body from the head to the feet.

Imagine that you are in the middle of a dreamed landscape

Pay attention to each one of the details of the dreamed landscape that you like to imagine.

Enjoy the absolute relaxing.


Concentrate on the meticulous planning of what you want. Imagine yourself possessing your most valuable dream.. imagine yourself being, doing or having, what you want.. and try to live that desire with the happiness of the achievement..

Mentally represent to yourself with all possible detail, how it will change your life with this achievement.

Every time that you enter these special mental levels, you will achieve beneficent effects for your body and your mind.

You can use these special mental levels for your benefit, and for the benefit of any other person that needs it physically or mentally.

You have the power to help others and help yourself.. in any moment or time that you need it..

To recapture your habitual conscious levels again, count slowly from one to five.

—– End of the exercise—–

You can find the first complete relaxing exerciseHERE and a deep relaxing exercise HERE

With this relaxation method, if you follow the mentioned sequence enough times, you will achieve the wanted relaxation.

If you feel that no matter how much you repeat the steps you don’t end up achieving the wanted effect, you can always practice with one of my recorded exercises and then you will achieve it with easiness.

NOTE: You can imagine as already achieved as many projects as you have in your mind, but so that your doubts and current fears don’t conspire against the depth of your thought, don’t stop in each project more than the necessary time for a quick mental flash.

A question that you will probably make to yourself is:
How long should I practice this kind of exercises, to begin feeling the beneficent effects?

The answer is that, you will possibly feel the effects from the first time that you practice; but that as all physical exercises, it improves with the practice, and while the mastering starting from a novice level can take one or two months, if you continue practicing the exercise, the beneficent effects will continue extending, taking you to an improvement of all your life.

As for the time that each exercise should last, Dr. Benson experiences seem to give a clear indication that it is possible to cause intense physical modifications, with only fifteen minutes of practice each day, at any moment of the day.


Although it is impossible to present an absolute scientific demonstration, it is a widespread believe that with the relaxation comes a decrease of the information that the sensors of the muscular cells transmit to the brain; which causes that a smaller quantity of neurons get occupied by the process of the muscular balance.
From the neurophisiologic point of view, it is believed that a smaller occupation of the cerebral bark with the muscular information, leads to a decrease of the control that the cerebral bark has over the inferior areas of the brain, responsible for the control of the more primitive functions; and as consequence of that, when the more primitive control centers are liberated, a series of motor impulses take place, causing in the fellow sensations like:

To loosen
Tingling sensations
Floating sensations
Heaviness of the body accompanied many times with the production of images, lights or colors
Being able to even cause, a revitalizing liberation of energy that in some cases will take the individual to a state of euphoria and great pleasure.

Today there many relaxation methods, but it is necessary to highlight that the difference resides more in the form of facing the topic than in its physiologic consequences.

Independently of what different people perceive in a relaxation state, that can be one or more of the mentioned sensations, and even no one, a series of organic answers always take place, excellently detailed in the studies carried out in the Thorndike Brief Laboratory of the University of Harvard, by Dr. Herbert Benson (6) that include:

The decrease of the breathing rhythm
The decrease of the oxygen consumption, at inferior levels to those that are achieved with the deepest dream
The decrease of the heart rhythm
The decrease of the arterial pressure
A 18 % decrease of the metabolism rate with only 15 minutes of relaxation
The decrease in the quantity of sanguine lactate (this it is one of the instigators of the anxiety)
The development of a state of rest at the deepest level
The increase of the Alpha cerebral frequencies (corresponding to relaxed states) Varied beneficent changes in the emotional states of the practitioners
A considerable increment in the recovery capacity and illnesses prevention

Bibliographical reference:

(1) Brown, Bárbara B. “New Mind, New Body Biofeedback: New Directions for the mind”. Bantam Books, Incs. U.S.A., 1976
(2) Barlow, W. “The Alexander Technique” New York: Knopf, 1979
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This is a chapter of the ebook The Success Secrets

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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Third Eye And Clairvoyance


The third eye is not an endocrine gland, although it is related with the Pineal and Pituitary glands. It is an organ that arises with the spiritual development of the integrated personality, in fact it is derived from the overlapping and interrelation of the three superior chakras.

The third eye, named also the ethereal vision’s eye, symbolized in the body of the unicorn (its body represents the astral body), it is sometimes activated by the delirium tremens of the alcoholics, allowing them to see the beings of the low astral plane, and it is usually also activated in children smaller than 7 years, that sometimes speak of goblins and fairies.

The third eye, in order to be able to work and produce clairvoyance, needs the three superior chakras energized with a spiritual energy of triple nature that flows to the aura from the human soul; and these energy come from three spiritual planes named Atma, Buddhi and Manas, and it energizes the Pineal, Pituitary and Tiroide glands.


To open the third eye is something complicated, because the components of the third eye are the same materials with which we should look for it.

This vortex of positive energy produces at the same time the entrance and the exit of energy, and to be able to activate it, it is necessary to carry out five simultaneous processes:

a change in the personality
to build the Antakarana
to direct all the energy toward the three superior chakras
to re-build the aura
to get more and more involved in the spiritual growth, at the same time that the third eye is developed

The personality is composed of the three vehicles that integrate it and they are: the mental body, the astral body and the physical body; while the soul is composed of the atmic body , the manasic body and the budic body.

The secret of the third eye consists on knowing how to attract toward the aura, elements taken from Atma, Buddhi and Manas to form the Antakarana, that will communicate it with Atma, Buddhi and Manas, because the Antakarana and the third eye have the same compound. And it is achieved through the meditation, and the service to the humanity.

When the heart chakra is activated, it projects energy toward the brow that is where the third eye is. To develop the heart chakra, you can meditate on Christ’s teachings, Buda, Krishna, Sai Baba or who your Teacher and Superior Being is.

To increase and to maintain this energy flow, you must learn to practice the soul qualities, because time that you manifest Atma, Buddhi or Manas in your daily life, materials from those planes are integrated into your ethereal cover.

All eye needs a lens to be able to define the images, the third eye also, reason why in the aura in front of the forehead, a lens should be formed, and for this reason we know that the employment of glass balls, provides a focal point for the accumulation of materials in the aura, that favors the psychic vision.


It is very difficult to talk about the clairvoyance phenomenon, without talking about the astral plane, because to this plane it belongs.

As well as it is very difficult to explain the astral plane without talking about reincarnation.

The astral plane includes all the planes above the physique and below the spiritual one. Where a plane is rather a state of conscience than a place, and different states of conscience can reside in the same place.

In the astral plane it is where you will find the astral bodies of those who have developed the art of the astral trip.

Just as it happens in the earth, all the astral planes have spiritual protectors that come from higher planes, that are devote souls that prefer to spend their time helping others, instead of enjoying their deserved rest.

After the physical death, each soul awakes in a plane corresponding to the nature of its noblest yearnings, surrounded of similar souls. And from there it can be developed taking steps ahead of its last incarnation.

Although as it happens in the earth, many succumb to the rude enjoyments of the lower astral planes, in which case their soul doesn’t benefit of the demurrage in the astral plane, and it reborns in the same state from where it left.

The inferior astral planes, are full with rude ignorant and bestial souls, that live almost like in the earth, until they end up yearning something superior, that they will achieve in a new reborn.

These souls are those that are nearer to the physical plane, and struggle to be as close as they can, often ending up crowding around the places that they used to visit when alive, and very often taking control of the thoughts of people of their own low kind, to which they infuse desires that they enjoy through them.

Except for the very superior souls that consciously understand all this, the other ones are less aware of the inferior planes, and in total ignorance of the superior planes, and of the meaning of their existence, ending up believing (just as it happens in the earth) that theirs is the true reality.

As the clairvoyance is an ability that it is developed, it can be present in different individuals with different degrees of power, and in any clairvoyant we can distinguish three kinds of clairvoyance:

The simple clairvoyance

The clairvoyance in the space

The clairvoyance in the time


It is that in which the clairvoyant perceives the aura of other people, or the ability of perceiving astral impressions from a near point.

Here the seer perceives only the mental and emotional vibrations of other people, but can´t see events of any other type, although it is able to perceive vegetables and animal’s aura, their desires and emotions.

Who possesses the simple clairvoyance can literally see through people and the walls, can read the closed letters, can discover minerals in the earth, and perceive the aura of those who contact him, being able to discover in the ethereal double, the nature and localization of their illnesses, in the astral body their feelings and desires, and in the mental body their thoughts.


It consists on the vision of distant things, located outside of the ordinary vision reach.

A strange form of clairvoyance in the space, is that in which a person becomes present to another awakening his astral senses, so that he can see the first one in ghastly form as if he where present.

The expert clairvoyants always assume a meditative state with deep cerebral frequencies, so that their astral senses work more efficiently, since when the physical abilities are stimulated, the other abilities cannot show.


It can be divided in two:

The clairvoyance of the past

The clairvoyance of the future


It is also known as retro cognition, and it is a frequent ability in the advanced clairvoyants, and also shared by many ordinary psychics that don’t realize the power that they have.

Of course that it is not possible to perceive something that has stopped to exist, but nothing that happens stops to exits, but shifts to a different kind of existence.

The clairvoyance of the past is possible because nothing perishes, and in the higher planes there are records of all the scenes and thoughts that have happened. These akashic registrations are not in the astral plane, but in the causal plane.

The akashic registrations are the equivalent of what the christians know as The Book of Life, in which all the events corresponding to the present cycle of human evolution, are indelibly engraved.


To this class belong all the prophecy cases. The sacred history is filled with these examples that don’t have anything supernatural.

In some cases of supposed clairvoyance of the future, what really happens is that the clairvoyant´s subconscious infers which events can happen, if accidental circumstances don’t interfere. (I must highlight that a clairvoyant has easier access to the subconscious than common people).

The premonitions or hunches, are then rudimentary forms of clairvoyance of the future.

It should be kept in mind that each event to happen in the future, it is a consequence of others that took place in the past, and that´s why they must happen, unless new events interfere and determine new results.

When you are able to take your conscience to higher planes, from there it is much simpler to see the consequences of the actions of the present. To the point of being able to see the effect that a single word will produce, not only over the person toward which goes directed, but also over other people by means of the vibrations, influencing the whole community.

To be able to consider that superior forms of clairvoyance exist, we should be able to accept that the idea of time is only a social convention, and that the events are always present, being us who arrive to them, and not them who reach us. In the same way that a landscape is always in the same place, while the train traveler thinks that it moves.

The clairvoyance of the future can show within meditation states, psychomety or hialoscopy, and it is developed with practice, when it prevails in you the intention of becoming a beneficial element for the world.

If you are interested in developing this ability, you can do it with the Clairvoyance CD (it´s in spanish).

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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The Hidden Powers of Chakra Meditation

by Anna Dorbyk

Chakra meditation is a unique form of relaxation that involves deep concentration. By achieving an uninterrupted level of focus, psychic energy is able to flow up through your body, energizing and reinvigorating all of your different chakras along the way.

What is a chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or vortex. The chakras can be thought of as energy centers that direct the flow of energy through our bodies. Chakras are a part of our consciousness and how we use them reflects on the decisions that we make in our lives.

Achieving Peace

There are different ways to practice chakra meditation, including a method useful for beginners. Before beginning your meditation, ensure that you are dressed in loose and comfortable clothes and find a space that is free from noise and interruption.

The Steps to Inner Harmony

1) Begin by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position.

2) Turn your attention to one small part of your body such as the tip of your nose or your big toe. Focus on the feeling you have in that one small area. Attempt to connect with the subtle details of that body part.

3) When you have done this, allow the feeling of concentration to spread to the rest of your toes (if toes are what you are focusing on). Be careful not to try to absorb too much information. This meditative practice should be organic in its flow and should seamlessly spread throughout the body like a gentle wave. If you feel thoughts of stress or worry invading your circle of peace, go back to concentrating on that one tiny aspect of your body.

Do not be impatient with this form of meditation; it does require practice. Many individuals use a special guide as a way to achieve perfection in the practice. A self tuning meditation DVD is an ideal way to perform this practice, and uses soft music and personalized musical tones to lead you to peace (see

See the World Differently

Over time, the practice of chakra meditation has the power to change your way of thinking. Achieving success in this form of meditation can bring you to a heightened sense of awareness in the world and allows you to view your environment through clearer eyes. For many individuals, practicing chakra meditation daily has led them to a keen awareness of the causes behind certain behaviours, as well as a better understanding of others.
Anna Dorbyk is a writer for, a site about meditation benefits and techniques.

If you would like to start chakra meditation and healing, the best way to do it is with The Chakras CD (in spanish)

The Seven Main Chakras Mistery Part III


It has blue sky color, and it is located in the base of the neck.


This chakra controls the throat and the nape, the arms and the hands, and it is associated with the cervical or brachial plexus.

The gland related with this chakra is the thyroid, and it governs the sense of the hearing.

This is a chakra related with the communication and the creativity, the growth, the metabolism and the ambitions.


It facilitates the communication, not only the verbal communication, but the communication of the feelings and all the artistic expressions too.

This chakra is also related with the intuition that guides us toward the abundance. Reason why this is the first level of conscience by means of which we can communicate with superior levels of existence.

This chakra governs the creativity that allows us to achieve our objectives in the physical world, and for that reason it is the womb from which the physical reality is manifested.

It is also related with our clear-audience capacity that is another way of indispensable communication to access our inner planes.

This is the chakra that allows us to assume responsibility for our needs, and as we grow, the satisfaction of our own necessities will depend more and more from ourselves.


It allows us to assume the commitment of being in charge of ourselves and to stop accusing the other ones for our lacks.

The creativity that will allow us to get what we want takes us to achieve the necessary symtony with those that we need for the achievement of our objectives.

As this center is developed the individual learns how to understand the world through the vibrations, the time and the space.


The individual lacks the capacity to take what it is given to him, because he only expects to receive negative things from the hostile world that he believes exist, and as he has such negative ideas in his mind, it attracts toward himself the negative energy, confirming this way his expectations.

As the appropriate communication with the other ones does not exist, he cannot deploy his creativity neither modify the reality as he wants.


The Ajna chakra or chakra of the intellect, has an indigo color (midnight blue) and it is located in the forehead between the eyes. That´s why it is also known as the third eye chakra or the clairvoyance chakra


It is related with the physical vision and it opens us the understanding by means of the clear-sighted perception and the clear-touch (internal sense of the tact).

It is also related with the pituitary gland, the endocrine system, the carotid plexus, the forehead and the parietal bones.


It is associated with the spiritual state, with the spiritual perspective, and with the contact with our true internal being. It is the level of the conscience from which we truly control our life.

It is a chakra that allows us to see the physical world as the varied manifestation of the Absolute One.

And it allows to have conscience of the inner sound (which is not related with sounds in the physical plane), fact that sometimes causes that the western doctors consider it as a pathological state.


The understanding capacity is clear, as well as the creative capacity and the will to put to work the creative ideas.

When it is open the person not only can be creative, but can carry out what he creates assuming the responsibility for what he has created, and accepting the inconveniences that arise when he brings into the physical reality plane what he has created mentally.


The mental processes are confused and the ideas are negative and far from the reality.

The reduced flow of energy from this chakra blocks the creativity.

The executive will is blocked to put into the physical plane the ideas, and they only derive frustration. It is also possible that disheveled ideas might be tried , because the basic concepts don’t fit with the reality.

This seventh chakra well-known as “the thousand petals lotus”, is related with the spirituality, its color is violet and it is located on crown of the head.

It is the illumination and the contact with the universal conscience chakra, the chakra of the “I am.”

It is the connection with the spiritual world beyond the time and the space. And it is related with our integration with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes


It controls the nervous system and it is associated with the brain and the pineal gland


As well as the root chakra provides us the connection with the mother earth, this chakra connects us with our father in heaven because this is the level of the soul.

It also represents our connection with our biological father and our relationship with the authority.

From this chakra one sees himself as the Universal Creative Conscience, connected with everything like a projection of oneself. It represents the top of the human evolution.


The person is able to really experience his spirituality indeed, he lives in a state of transcendence of the mundane reality, that grants him a sensation of fullness.

It also provides an empathy feeling that allows us to experience the experiences of the other ones as own.


The person doesn’t have conscience of the spiritual world, and he doesn’t understand those that speak or are interested in these topics.

It has the sensation of being separated from his own father, and that causes isolation and solitude, and difficulty to relate with those that surround us.


The root chakra is activated by means of the control of the sexual activity.

The second controlling the emotions

The third cultivating the humility

The fourth developing the trust in itself

The fifth with the disinterested service to the other ones

The sixth applying a firm will in the acting of our dharma (what we should do every day) and in the accomplishing of our goals

The seventh is the culmination of our spiritual growth process and it is spontaneously developed when we have developed the previous six.

In fact it is possible to activate the chakras by means of a wide variety of breathing exercises, meditations, visualizations, the will control and yoga postures. That´s why to help you I have created the Energetización de Chakras exercise

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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If you would like to start chakra meditation and healing, the best way to do it is with The Chakras CD (in spanish)

The Seven Main Chakras Mistery Part II


Its color is orange and it is located in the abdomen to the height of the sexual organs.

It is related with the emotions and the sexuality, reason why it governs the way in which we connect ourselves with the other ones, the feelings, desires, sensations, movements and capacity to give and to receive love and pleasure in couple’s relationship.

It is a chakra of intense energy that when it is very activated it causes the desire, but when that desire is satisfied the energy decays. From here comes the old habit of maintaining vestal virgins in the temples, since the fact of staying virgin granted them great conscience power.

This is also the chakra that connects us with our internal source of inspiration, creativity, attention and concentration power, so much that when a person thinks too much, it drains this chakra´s energy to the point of causing illnesses.


It is related with the gonad glands, the lumbar plexus, the womb, the genital and the quantity of a person’s sexual energy.

Also with the language, the sense of the pleasure and the appetite, the reproduction and the assimilation.


It is oriented toward the self gratification because it is related with the conscience parts concerning the sex and the food.

It also has to do with what the body requests because it finds pleasant. The capability of having children is also associated to this chakra.

On the other hand it is related with the individual’s capacity to feel his emotions.


The person feels the desire and the sexual power, he can give and receive sexual pleasure, and have orgasms.

The sexual orgasm revitalizes the body, and it clears the blocked energy produced by the stress, does it is important for the physical well-being.

And the sexual orgasm is necessary until the the total orgasm capacity is achieved, which takes place with the union of the physique and spiritual aspects of people, that is achieved by means of the practice of the kundalini yoga and the tantric yoga, reason why it is not accessible for most of the human beings.

Once this chakra is activated, it becomes possible to remember past lives.


In the woman it produces the inability to reach the orgasm, they can´t enjoy the penetration, and develop a bigger inclination to the clitoris stimulation.

While if the blockade of the front aspect is suffered by a male, this produces precocious ejaculation, and impotence. And in both it produces the absence of the pleasant experience of the protection instinct.

It is necessary to highlight that a person that suffers of blockades in this chakra, not necessarily stops to have sexual relationships, on the contrary he can immerse himself into the seek of sexual relationships, unable to archive the deep involvement that is given in a sexual act accompanied by love.


Its color is yellow and it is located to the height of the solar plexus.


It is related with the pancreas, the skin, the solar plexus, the muscular system, the stomach, the intestine, the kidneys, the eyes and the sense of the view.

Also with the capacity to maintain healthy, the attitude toward the own physical health and the healing capacity (reason why it is specially developed in some healers)

It is the chakra of the temperament and the passions.


It is related with the personality or ego, the sensibility in front of the power, the control, the freedom and the capacity to be freely who you are.

It provides the intimate feeling of being able to, it makes us feel connected with the source of power, reason why it is indispensable to feel sure of oneself, and to face with trust what we ignore.

The mental activity and the mental body are also related with this chakra.

This chakra also governs our desires, our autonomy and metabolism.

An interesting peculiarity of this chakra, is that as well as a fetus has a cord that links him with his mother, when two people create a relationship among them, cords grow among their respective solar chakras.

The cords will be stronger and more numerous the more strong it is the relationship among people, and they will end up slowly disconnecting if relationship is cut.

The search of the recognition, the longevity and the power are characteristic of this chakra.


The individual has an emotional life free of tensions, since it is able to be accepted itself like he is, and it can also accept the other ones, because he has a strong self-esteem.

The person feels firmly located in the universe, and obtains spiritual wisdom from it, besides he feels love for his body and the desire of maintaining it healthy.

The stimulation of this chakra develops the telepathy and the capacity of carrying out astral trips.


The person will block his feelings since he won’t feel love for himself, neither he will be able to be accepted himself like he is.

The action the power and the vitality, will be weakened or be absent, and the person will try to be unnoticed, he will feel fear and impotent.

The weight excess is also a symptom of problems with this chakra that regulates the metabolism. An imbalance it exists between the ingest and the elimination of surpluses.

This happens because the individual uses his energy to lock within himself, and this energy when not being restored naturally by the chakra, is looks for to be artificially restored, by means of goodies or stimulants, that only provide energy for a moment, feeling worst after.

These people as they are not able to approve themselves, need of the approval of the other ones, and they like to seek for the excitement and activity that can keep them out of contact with themselves.
Its color is emerald green and it is located in the center of the chest, that´s why it is known as the heart chakra


It is related with the heart and the circulatory system, the heart plexus, the lungs and the whole chest´s area.

The gland controlled by this chakra is the timus (that controls the immunologyc system).

It is also related with the sense of the tact and the fears.

A characteristic activity of this chakra is giving hugs, which allows us to feel what it is that the other person feels inside his body, and tells the other what you feel inside our body.

For that reason the sensibility when touching and being touched is a characteristic of this chakra.


Belong to this chakra the feelings of love, friendship, companionship, and relationship.

This chakra is related with the air and for it the person’s relationship with the air reflects his relationship with love. A person that has difficulties to breathe, has tensions in the heart chakra


The more open this chakra is, the smaller it is our ego, because bigger is our love to all forms of life, in a circle that expands more and more.

By means of this chakra we extend connections with the heart chakras of those that we love, and the loving feeling that flows from it, can even make us cry.

We can love others unconditionally, because this is not a love directed toward an object, but rather it flows naturally as a state of being.

This open chakra facilitates us the happy acceptance of oneself and of the other ones, you can feel an absolute peace and harmony with the universe, together with desires of helping, teach and heal others.


The person has difficulty to have an unconditionally love , and he feels that his life and the world´s life in general it lacks purpose.

It cannot build long lasting affective relationships, because he is unable to give up his own ego after a better relationship.

He feels solitude, desolation lack of transcendence and meaning of the life.

It is as if the will of God and other people were opposed to ours, so instead of considering their possible help, you trend to avoid them, utilize them, and even be cruel to them.

This person believes more in force power than in love power.

Click on the following title to continue reading about the chakras

Continued on The Chakras Part III
Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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The Seven Main Chakras Mistery Part I

What are the chakras, what are they for and how to activate them

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheal or vortex. The Vedas use this word to denominate the energy centers of the human body


There are many chakras that coincide with the acupuncture points, but generally when someone speaks about “the chakras”, it´s speaking about the seven main primary chakras.


Each one of the chakras is associated with one of the endocrine glands of the dense physical body and they affect the individual’s mental, physical and emotional balance, since each one of the chakras work as regulator of a different kind of energy

These energy regulating valves open up or get closed according with the way in which we perceive the world that surround us, so they are directly related with our spiritual level of evolution, or conscience level.The chakras do not belong to our dense body, but rather they are energetic components, less dense that the body, but denser than the aura, and they interact with the physical body through two main roads:

the endocrine system
the nervous system

Each one of the seven main chakras is associated with an endocrine gland and with a group of nerves denominated plexus, reason why each chakra can be associate with the parts and specific functions of our body that are controlled by this plexus and this gland. At the same time, each chakra possesses several spiritual characteristics that although they are not always manifested in all the individuals, neither can be destroyed. The main function of the chakras consists in:

To develop different conscience aspects To provide and to revitalize the energy of the physical body


Each one of our possible conscience states, and as a matter of fact each one of the things that we can experience, can be divided in seven categories. And each one of this categories can be associated with a particular chakra.

In the base of the spine, there is the root chakra or Mooladhara Chakra, that lodges an energy denominated the Kundalini energy . This energy wakes up and is activated by means of the meditation, and as it wakes up (as it ascends through the spine and activates the different chakras) its qualities begin to show spontaneously in our lives.

That is to say that by means of the chakras energetization we become automatically dynamic, creative and confident, and at the same time it grows our humility, compassion and loving capacity, in a progressive hairspring of spiritual growth and conscience wake up.

Our health depends on our capacity to control the stress, and when we feel tension in some part of our body, we feel it in that part of the body related with the reason why we are feeling stress, because there´s a direct relationship between the stress and our conscience states.

The tension in the chakra related with that part of the body, it is perceived by the nerves of the corresponding plexus and it is transmitted to the parts of the body related with that plexus.

If we keep on having tension for a long time or with great intensity (because we lack relaxation capacity) then the person develops a symptom in this part of the physical body. Our body is in fact as a map of our conscience that reflects with symptoms what we perceive as the reality, and this way a person that cannot walk, is for example, somebody that has not been able to leave a situation in which feels unhappy.

If our chakras work in a normal way, each one of them will be open, rotating in the sense of the needles of the clock, and providing us of a peculiar kind of energy.

While if a chakra rotates counter clock way, then that chakra is blocked or closed to the energy (in fact more than to closed to the energy, it causes the energy affluence in the contrary sense). That is to say that instead of receiving it we project it toward out, and doing so we harm the functioning of our metabolism.

Almost all the people have three or four chakras that rotate in the contrary sense, and as the chakras not only provide us of energy but rather they provide us with information about the world that surrounds us, when we detect the information that we project to the world through that chakra, we achieve a distorted vision of the reality.

This is what the psychology calls ” projection “, believing that the world consists on what we are projecting toward it. And from the mind control point of view, we can say that the world in which each one of us lives, is a creation of our mind.

As I have already said before, hundred of energy points or chakras exist, but there are only 7 main chakras, and they are:

MULADHARA the root chakra or first chakra
SWADHISTHANA the sweetness chakra or second chakra
MANIPURA brilliant gem chakra or third chakra
ANAHATA the heart chakra or fourth chakra
VISHUDA the purification chakra or fifth chakra
AJNA the perception chakra or sixth chakra
SAHASRARA the wisdom chakra or seventh chakra


Its color is red and it is located in the base of the spine (between the anus and the genitals).

It has to do with our physical energy, our will of living in the physical reality, our sense of ownership and the connection with our body, our mother and the physical plane. And it is known as the root chakra or the spirit anchor.

It is the deposit of the Kundalini energy, and its primordial characteristic is the innocence and the pure happiness of a child, that it is manifested when the Kundalini ascends. NOTE: The kundalini is the energy that allows the spiritual awakening and it is represented symbolically by a snake of love wound over itself, that when ascends through the spine, it actives each chakra, and it wakes up the positive qualities of each one of them.

It is related with the cortical adrenalin glands, the smell sense, the limbic system , the bones, the teeth, the prostate, the sacrus plexus, the vesicle, the excretory system, the nose and the legs


It represents the security, the trust, our relationship with the home and the money and the capacity of being here in contact with the here and now. It also allows us to achieve our interior being’s satisfaction.


The individual has a powerful desire to live the physical reality, he has a meaning and purpose for his life, his coccyx is like a bomb that projects energy up through the spine, and he manifests a solid presence and security, that comes from knowing that his feet are over the earth.

It grants a sensation of power that emanates as vital energy even contaminating the ones that surround us.


The person stays unnoticed, it is as if he were invisible and lacking of physical energy.

The individual trends to be feeble, insecure, it lacks energy and it avoids the physical activity.

If the tension increases in this area, you end up feeling fear and even terror or survival threatened.

The physical can catch us with the deceit of being the true reality, but it is also essential for the spiritual development, which you cannot achieve if you are not capable to accept the limitations and necessities that come with a life in the earth.

Continued on The Chakras Part II
Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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Chakras And Flowers

by Kit Heathcock

How do you connect chakras, the energy centres of the body in Eastern tradition, and flowers, pretty, ephemeral, bright, cheerful manifestations of nature?

…by way of color therapy.. yoga energy balancing techniques…meditation… and a simple way of making yourself feel better and reenergized even if you dont really believe in any of the above.

There are seven main chakras (as well as several others) in a line from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and one more newly recognised chakra just above the head which I believe is important. Each one is associated with various areas of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When the energy flow in one becomes blocked it can result in certain symptoms and vice versa. By keeping the chakras open and the energy flowing, we can maximise our bodys ability to keep well and heal itself.

One way of stimulating energy flow is by a simple visualisation. Each chakra has a colour of the spectrum linked to it. Focus on that colour and imagine that colour light pouring into the chakra and saturating it in pure coloured light, then visualise the chakra as a spinning disc of colour. Take 2 or 3 deep breaths as you do so. You can also repeat a mantra or affirmation to intensify the positive energy you are creating. Work through each chakra (see below for summary) in turn from Root to Crown to rebalance your whole energy level.

So what about the flowers? Whatever you use to visualise the colour would work, paint swatches, coloured stones or crystals, an image in your minds eye, but beautiful photographs of flowers saturated in the pure colour of each chakra can bring some extra flower energy into your life as well.

Flowers raise the vibrational energy around them, which is why they have long been associated with celebrations, brought as presents to new mothers, sick people, loved ones. Weddings and funerals are lavish with them. We are rarely aware of the spiritual connection these days, we just know that flowers cheer people up and make them feel glad. So flower photos as visualisation aids make sense and are beautiful to have around. has a whole section devoted to chakra flower photos.

There are books written about the chakras going into far more detail than there is space for here, as it is a deep and complex subject, with infinite, individual interpretations, but here is a basic, brief summary of the chakras and their associated areas and colours.

1. Root – Red Situated at the base of the spine. Emotional grounding and ones roots. The excretory and reproductive systems and the immune system. Mantra “I am in touch with the earth, my roots”

2. Sacral – Orange A hands breadth down from the belly button. Sexuality, creativity, financial issues, honour and ethics, one to one relationships. Genital and urinary systems, bladder and prostate. Mantra “I am a creative, sexual being”

3. Solar Plexus – Yellow Over the solar plexus at the bottom of the rib cage. Self-esteem, self-confidence and how you see yourself. Digestive system, worries and fears, the stress of responsibility. Mantra “I believe in myself”

4. Heart – Green Over the heart. Love, forgiveness, unconditional love. Relationships. Circulatory and immune systems. Heart and lungs. Loneliness. Mantra “I can give and receive love”

5. Throat – Blue Centre of the throat Communication, self-expression and will power. Thyroid problems, sore throats, addictions(due to lack of will) Mantra “I speak my truth”

6. Brow – Indigo Centre of forehead Intuition, intellect and mind, inner vision. Brain and nervous system, eye problems. Mantra “I see clearly”

7. Crown – Violet Top of head. Spiritual awakening, search for meaning. Our relationship to our spirit and God. Central nervous system, overwhelming fatigue. Mantra “I believe”

8. Soul star – White/crystal Directly above the crown, about two hands breadths from the head Awareness of ones soul and its connection to the conscious self. Gives perspective on life and ability to see seemingly random positive or negative events as part of the souls journey. Mantra “I transcend”

This is a personal, simplified interpretation of the chakras. Use it as a stepping stone to finding out more for yourself.

Copyright Kit Heathcock 2005
Sometime flower photographer, keen observer of the resonances of life and fulltime mother. Born in the UK but now living on a farm in the southern hemisphere. Contributor to the creation and maintenance of one of the homes of chakra flower art.

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Chakras 101

by Sam Stevens

The chakras are different coloured energy centres that originate from seven different points in our body. Chakra is a Sanskrit (East Indian) word that means “Wheel”. For millennia the chakras have been visualized as round balls, blossoms or spheres of light that can open, close, darken, brighten and spin!

The location of each of the seven chakras represents a different aspect of human experience. Our emotions, ability to connect with others and physical health are thought to be reflected in the condition of each chakra.

Seeing your own chakras requires mental focus and powers of meditation. Remember these are imaginary entities that were invented by great mystics thousands of years before medical technology.

The manipulation of these spheres or wheels of light, particularly the brightening and opening of them is thought, by many, to relieve a variety of ailments.

There are seven main chakra centres in the human body and the correspond with the seven colours of the rainbow or light spectrum:

The Red Chakra, also often referred to as the Root, First or Base chakra is at the base of the trunk of the body and is thought to correspond to the sex drive and to primal drives such as the desire to procreate, survive and destroy. This is the chakra to work on if you are having troubles with your health.

The Orange Chakra, sometimes called the Second, Sexual or Spleen chakra is in the abdomen and relates to the lower digestive organs. It corresponds to our ability to physically digest and eliminate food, emotionally digest events and process them in a healthy way and emotions such as joy or affection. This is the chakra to work on if you are having trouble letting go.

The Yellow Chakra, sometimes called the Third, Stomach or Solar plexus chakra is located in the upper stomach area just below the rib cage. It is the centre where we connect to others on an astral level and it relates to our abilities to transform or manifest events.

The Green Chakra is located in the chest and is related to the lungs and heart. It is sometimes called the Fourth or Heart chakra. It represents the flow of energy and flow of love in our lives as well as our ability to connect to others.

The Blue Chakra, sometimes called the Fifth, Thyroid or Throat chakra relates to the immune system, the regulation of hormones. It represents our ability to communicate effectively with others as well as creative and personal expression.

The Indigo Chakra, sometimes known as the Sixth chakra or the Third Eye, is located just slightly above and between the eyebrows on the forehead. It is related to the pituitary gland and mental and spiritual processes, as well as intuition, second sight.

The Violet Chakra, also sometimes known as the Crown chakra, the Seventh chakra, the White chakra or the lotus chakra is located at the top of the head. It is thought to be the gateway or connection to the spirit world, ascended masters and the higher self. It is the receptor of divine wisdom and divine inspiration.

When functioning well, the chakras are thought to be a conduit for the constant flow of energy through out our bodies. If these chakras are blocked, slowed in their spinning, darkened or not working, then you can correct this imbalance by imagining them being cleared from negative energies such as resentment, fear or trauma.

Tuning up your chakras can make an enormous difference to your sense of well-being in general as they conduct the natural flow of energy through our bodies. Chakras that are blocked are thought to cause physical disease and emotional and spiritual dis-ease. Common blockages are negative emotions, the desire to hurt, being emotionally hurt, and the holding on to of fears and resentment and sometimes past life issues.

The chakras interact with each other in a constant dancing of the spheres that extends outside our bodies. They exist in a constant state of renewal that can be enhanced by meditation, creative visualization, light working and breath work.

Samantha Stevens was a professional psychic at for many years. Read more of her articles at If you wish to buy Samanthas books about metaphysics click here

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Chakras, Elements, and Emotions

by Farida Sharan

An experiential study of the chakras, elements and emotions offers great gifts to support our human experience and our spiritual journey. The inter-relationship and the movement of change and evolution of the dominant or deficient energies and their movement toward balance within us support a conscious, healthful and joyous life.

CHAKRAS Yogic systems teach us about the energies of the spinning spiralling vortexes of charkas and how they affect the physical nerve plexus and our human evolutionary experience. They are drawn as wheels with petals but are multi-dimensional in their range of movement and influence.

Four chakras flow up the stem of the spine to the throat and then rise to the brow where spiritual practitioners focus the third eye of attention, meditation and prayer that opens the crown chakra into soul connection.


Chakra Emotions Sacrum Root Chakra ­ fear, clinging, resistance OR security, instinct Pelvic Water Chakra ­ attachment, desire, lust OR curiosity, caring, service Solar Plexus Fire Chakra ­ anger, resentment, jealousy OR humour, laughter, joy Heart Air Chakra ­ greed, rush, selfishness OR love, compassion, kindness Throat Ether Chakra ­ grief, hunger, ego OR longing to merge with the divine

At times in life we are drawn strongly and passionately into a particular chakra to learn life lessons. If there is a dominant chakra that influences our life experience we can choose to diffuse the dominant one and develop the ones that are deficient. A water dominant person could have difficulty becoming angry; a fire dominant person with caring feeling; an earth dominant person with taking risks and letting go; an air dominant person with considering the effects of their actions on others and an ether dominant person with sadness.

Although the pull of the chakra vortexes is powerful, it is possible to learn to dance with the energies instead of indulging in them so that we can move through excesses and deficiencies and restore balance. Once we become aware of the energies, how they feel and how they change, our awareness guides us to appropriate action.

We learn to restore emotional balance by centering our consciousness beyond the emotional field of dramatic emotions (e-motions!) and become more sensitive to subtle feelings and internal messages that help to guide us in our lives. If we choose harmony and peace as our goal it becomes easier to let go of excessive emotions if we have skills to release the emotions associated with each chakra.

For example – If we become angry we can release the emotion with a powerful movement as if we were chopping wood accompanied by a release of the HA sound. Once the excess is released we can deal with the situation appropriately.

Healthy body organs in each chakra plexus support balanced emotions. If the bowels are functioning well there is less tendency to fear. A healthy liver reduces imbalances of anger, aggression and competition. Conversely, conditions like TB are often associated with excessive grief and heart conditions with lack of ability to give and receive love.

Clearing the emotional energies of the chakras can be achieved through movement, sounding, treatments, yoga, colour healing, rebirthing, emotional release and meditation. Also whenever natural therapeutics are used to cleanse the body systems together with rejuvenation through rest, nourishing healing diets, bodywork and naturopathy treatments, transformation and evolution takes place naturally.

(BOX) Chakras Root Chakra – sacrum, coccyx, bones, adrenals, perineum, large intestine, anus, body tissues, muscles and skin. Water Chakra ­ body fluids, reproductive and urinary organs or glands. Fire Chakra – digestive organs, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach, duodenum and small intestine. Air Chakra – heart, thymus, arms and hands Ether Chakra – throat, ears, lungs, thyroid and parathyroid Brow Chakra – pituitary gland Crown Chakra – pineal gland

ELEMENTS The elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether weave our physical, emotional, social and mental world, as well as the world of world of nature that sustains us. We inherit an elemental constitution, which usually has a dominant element or elements that strongly influence our behaviour, health and approach to life. How we live creates an excess or shortage of an element. The elements within us also influence each other in a dynamic interchange and flow.

We may experience a state of harmony from time to time when the elements are in balance. Alternatively, we may experience a deficient element or elements that will affect our lives. Usually the elements move in tandem with the constant changes in life. Imbalances of the elements can be adjusted through naturopathic therapeutics and conscious choices that enhances wellness. Eventually with practice, effort and surrender we move less from the centre of being towards imbalance. From the centre of our being we are then able to inhabit balance, harmony and peace for longer periods of time.

Elemental balance is influenced by weather, altitude, temperature, climate, food and drink, emotions, thoughts and also shock or trauma. If we consider these factors in our life and whether they are causing excess, shortage or balance of the elements then we begin to dance with the elements. If you dont dance the elements they dance you!

Ancient systems of medicine were based on creating a harmonious return to a balance of the elements. Whether the elements were called Greek humours, Ayurveda doshas, Chinese elements, or Hindu chakras, the awareness of the energies that weave our inner and outer ecology were seriously considered as a major influence on the patients condition and method of treatment.

Other systems such as the water cure of Austria and Germany, Victorian ocean cures, high altitude dry cures for tuberculosis or the cave cures of ancient China utilised a specific element for a specific cure. Today luxury destination spas are created around the elemental energies to inspire the experience of the harmonizing effect of treatments and environments that encourage a return to balance.

Also within each healing system there are elemental treatments such as heart nourishment, body work, water cure, fire heat, air breath, etheric sound, meditation and beauty which are offered to restore health through a balance of the elements.

EMOTIONS The elemental healing systems and mystic spiritual traditions reveal wisdom about the relationship of the elements to the five passions from which all emotions stem.

When we truly become interested in the mystery, magic and vast possibility of our own being we become fascinated by the energies that weave our life experience. Using the senses associated with the elements to feel, see, touch, hear and taste our world and our own being allows us to come into present awake attention so that we can learn from nature, life experiences, relationships and our own being. We begin to notice how the energies and emotions change, how cycles influence our experience, sequences repeat, and patterns reappear. The study of yoga, tai chi, the I Ching, the healing arts, meditation, purification and rejuvenation diets and participation in personal and group retreats and training allows the time to deepen and approach the mystery of your own being.

In todays world the multi-cultural mystic and healing systems are discovering they are teaching the same basic truths and realities of this world and our human experience. If you wish to explore your inner being and discover what the teachings of the chakra elements and emotions can offer you in your journey to understand, live and enjoy life as you fulfil your human destiny your, be assured your life will be enhanced in ways you never imagined.

EXPERIENCES OF PARTICIPANTS As well as being gifted with visionary mystic experiences, participants learn valuable information for improving their health, well-being and quality of life.

“I have met God I have touched the hand of God I am a child of God. I am Love.

I am free, free to give and receive love. I am free to forgive. The past is simply an illusion. It really is okay to love myself.”

³Dancing the elements was a very transforming experience that allowed me to free my limitations and fears and let my true self shine, accept myself fully for who I am and love myself, be in balance and be whole.”

“The dances were powerful, profound, intense, grace-full and peaceful, fluid in and out of my being. If anyone is truly wanting to dance in the arenas of wholeness and light and love and bring that out into the world we live in – this is definitely the clearest path.”

³The Air Heart Dance showed me how the pulse of life vibrates like an intense light, pulsating through each cell of my body and every part of my being. With each movement my illuminated body received pure love, absorbed it, then radiated it to all parts of my being. I felt the light gain incredible power and then pulsate back to the universe. The love light expanded and contracted until there was no giving and receiving. The love energy became one it just like I was love.²

³I have learned how to life my LIFE! You should be the Minister of Education for the whole world.²
MYSTIC YOGA RETREATS WITH FARIDA SHARAN Retreats based on the chakra, element and emotion teachings combined with living food and mystic yoga are offered by Farida Sharan, ND, Director of the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. Browse for upcoming seminars in Iceland, Boulder, Colorado and Puerto Rico. Retreats & Seminars will be soon be offered in Singapore and Bangkok

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Chakra Balancing

by Donald Jones

Chakra reconciliation is founded on the ancient Amerind impression in a series of 7 chakras, or vigor centers. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. These vigour centers are believed to be placed at particular points between the pedestal of the spinal column and the circus tent of the skull.

Some esoteric systems include additional chakras, said to extend beyond the tangible consistency into the human auric field. Each chakra is believed to relate to particular organs of the consistence, ailments, colors, elements, and emotions. However, different systems or sources that use the idea of chakras whitethorn disagree about the details.

The conception of chakras plays a key role in two ancient Amerindian language healing systems (ayurvedic medicine and yoga) that popular today. In recent decades, however, many modern therapies (like polarity therapy , therapeutic touch , process acupressure, core energetics, and semblance therapy ) rich person besides incorporated the idea of chakras into their own visions of healing.

Various approaches English hawthorn be used to “balance” the chakras. Chakra is believed to promote wellness by maximising the stream of vim in the organic structure, much as a tune-up enables a car to operate on at peak efficiency. Chakras part of the ancient feeling arrangement connected with yoga.

These traditions were handed down orally for thousands of years before being codified by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, several centuries before Christ. The ancient healing science of Ayurveda is on a collection of scriptures known as vedas (a Sanskrit word meaning knowledge or wisdom). Ayurveda literally means “life knowledge.”

It remained the predominant form of care in India until the British colonial government tried to suppress it during the nineteenth century. Over the last half-century, however, a modernized form of has gained considerable popularity in India.

More recently, traditional has been popularized in the West by such high-profile advocates as Deepak Chopra. Balancing the chakras is believed to promote general and well-being by ensuring the free flowing of life push (too known as prana or qi) throughout the physical structure. It is believed that blockages in the current of this vital get-up-and-go will eventually result in mental, emotional, and/or touchable illness.

By removing such blockages and Department of Energy menstruation, practitioners said to enable dead body, mind, and spirit to function optimally. Some alternative practitioners, such as medical intuitives, say they can “read” a patients chakras to detect imbalances and diagnose problems.

This is likewise sometimes done using a pendulum. Just as the various forms of yoga attempt to mediate between the forcible and Negro spiritual realms, so the chakras believed to manoeuver as Energy Department transformers.

They often shown as circles, spaced at intervals along the vertebral column, or sometimes as funnels of Energy. Specific chants or sounds with the different chakras used in some yogic meditation practices as tools for healing and apparitional evolution.

Each of the VII chakras is said to wealthy person physiological and metaphysical functions that relate to both the nature of the blockages and to the active problems they produce.

Donald Jones

If you would like to start chakra meditation and healing, the best way to do it is with The Chakras CD (in spanish)